Philly Time

Stay-cation time again. Another weekend in Philly.

Is it me or is there enough history in this city to choke yourself? Seriously there are signs every where for people who did this or that. Or who lived where? Or where to eat what?

I mean check it, there is a 3d outline of where Benjamin Franklin's house once stood. Meaning it is no longer there so you have to imagine it in its place.

We came down for the Haunted tour at Eastern State Prison. Well worth it by the way but the other reason we came down (I suspect the main reason she wanted to come) was for Mercato. I have been told about this food for a couple years now and wanted it. Badly.

I mean look at this - Lobster shrimp ravioli. Personally, I think they are more like dumplings but either way these things were delicious.

I can't remember what this dish was but it was good too. **update: I have been told it was a Short Rib Ragu. Say it again: Short. Rib. Ragu. yummmmmm

Also the pasta bolognese is good too. Pork, beef, and veal. Mmmmm.