Storm King

Great day to take in some art. We checked out the Storm King Art Center. I think it's the size that impresses me.

The land is beautiful for a nice October bike ride too.
I have driven by this place a few times and saw the structures in the distance from 87. Always wonder what it was so we decided to drive up for the day and find out. It's "nice" up here. I say that cause I can't think out any word to say. Romantic isn't quite right but it is a date-ish spot. Scenic could work but only if you're into it. For this post modern (is that what this is?) stuff I am not heavily onto to stop and critique but the sheer size of some of these is enough to marvel. They need to make more art like this. Something on a grand size. Enough to say to even the most jaded person "Well fuck you. What have you done."