'Twas the night before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all round my mom's house
nothing was stirring except the aquarium filter and a soft tapping sound.
It was about one when I finally settled my head.
Nestled on the couch and not a soft bed.
"Why?" you may ask, to nosy delight,
because in the guest bedroom there is no TV in sight.
The tapping continued all through the night.
It was like a clock ticking but that could not be right.
Although I was in a light slumber, my mind was still moving as it began to wonder. "What is that noise because my mom has no clock?
Did she buy something from Bed Bath that once wound did not stop?"
In time, probably after three, my body said "Hey you should go pee"
because the tap that once was had become a loud drip but still I laid
because I was lazy and the bathroom a trip.
Light began to show at about 5:49 and I opened my eyes
because these are shades and not blinds.
The tap that became a soft drip
had now become running water under the aquarium lid.
"Now that's odd" I said to my self. "The water was filled in that thing,
I did it myself." Like the dawn approaching, my mind was slow to realize
the aquarium was leaking while on the couch I did lie.
I threw open my covers and stumbled like a big lug
But by then several gallons had leaked all over the rug.
And so I leave you with this,
If you sleep some place new and think something amiss,
investigate or else pray that it is Santa just taking a piss.