So close, so far

It's spring time (slightly), gonna be 50 degrees today, leaves are returning to the trees, I wake up to a beautiful woman every morning and in my own home.  What can be better?  Oh yeah, I could have also lost 20lbs weight since January.  HELL YEAH!!  What could be worse?  I am only in second place for my competition with less than a week left.  Booo.

You know what the first thing I am going to do after this thing is over?  I am going to go out a buy two bacon cheeseburgers and a bag of fries from 5 Guys and hopefully pass out from delicious grease.  Well maybe not two.  Well maybe not two at the same time but I will definitely be having that burger.  Afterward, I will enjoy a healthy salad for dinner.  I still got at least another 15 to lose but I am a little over half to where I want to be.  Then we will see if we can develop some muscle on these arms.