Walking to the train this morning and just happened to notice a peculiar episode. Peculiar is perhaps not the right word for some but to me it's the first time I had seen this. Well outside of a movie which is usually the start of a plot introducing a serial killer. Anyway walking to the train and I see a young lady crossing the street. Not out of the ordinary but her outfit for this hot day swung somewhere between attractive and "God damn her ass is hanging out". You know classy. Before I had a chance to notice if the rug matched the drapes a small freight truck with two men in it ran a Stop sign to pull up next to her and engage in what I imagine to be a politically robust debate. What does one really say in that situation that seems appropriate? Whatever it was it worked. 1 minute convo and she is climbing into the truck. Maybe it was the heat that got to her. Maybe it was a REALLY great pick up line. I am probably over thinking this but if a girl with dyed blonde hair last seen wearing a belt as a pair of shorts, white bra and red shirt (hmm now how could I have known it was a white bra from a block away) goes missing then she was last seen getting into a freight truck on North 5th and Berry.