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Monday, April 27, 2009


So I had an interesting weekend....

Everyone this is Beck. Beck. BECK! Well he doesn't know his name yet but he is friendly (As long as you don't touch his toys. We are working on that one.).

I have wanted a dog since I was younger but for some reason some thing always convinced me not to. Parents, college, happy hour.... I have been searching for the last couple months at the local shelters, and North Shore Animal League but this weekend I just found him in Brooklyn.

My life has changed from now on.


Monday, April 20, 2009

TV turn off Week

TV turn off week begins today. I forgot all about it because I haven't been reading in awhile. Well I guess that would be the reason behind the week then.

Its only the beginning of the week and so far I have gotten a chance to practice and slightly fix my other computer. (Damn viruses!) Nothing big but its just the start.

So lets see....What's been up? Well, I embarrassed myself by throwing my back out while attempting to help my girlfriends father, did the MS Walk over the weekend, view some open houses, realize I still can't afford nothing cause prices haven't fallen far enough (thought we were in a recession), and got pre appoved for a dog. Oh and had two dogs that I was interested in adopted out from under me.

But spring is here so things can only get better right?