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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 2 and 3

The experiment is over. I thought the post the I had written went through. Guess not.

Anyway, Day 2 and 3 went okay. The smell of food at work was other worldly. Intoxicating is the word I would use. I was salavating over a co-workers salad. But now that this little experiment is over and I can honestly say that the junk food snacking I do between meals (sometimes during meals) is really not necessary. Also, the diet fad that works for someone else doesn't always work for me. Slow and steady is better than starving myself. Although maybe I will try out that Pizza Diet.

**** So there were no "eliminations". At all. For two days. Two days. That can't be healthy. So the weight that I lost was strictly from not eating. In my opinion not worth the trouble.

**** Because there were no "eliminations" I choose to help the process along on the night of the 3 day by taking a "helpful dietary supplement". Still not the massive amount of toxic back up I was imagining to lay in my intestines. Cleaning the colon for detox purposes is a bunch of...well...you know. These fad detox diets make a mint off of this stuff. It's ridiculous.

In the end (haha) though I am now at the lowest I have been in years. The new weight is 181. Now if I can just maintain or lose that I am gold. 165 here I come.

Downside I am starving and the food trucks are right outside. By the way, total loss is now 29 lbs down since my high. : )

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 1

I am part of a competition at work for weight loss. 2 months to lose weight. Who ever loses the largest percentage wins. Dubbed "The Biggest Loser" (They should make a TV show like this). We are in the final stretch and like I have said before I am down but I don't think as much as some others. Time for extreme measures because money is on the line. Enter: Vibrant Cleanse. This powder drink mixture is just a form of the Master Cleanse Detox diet yada yada yada. Whatever. Essentially you are to drink this mix for 10 days and crap yourself silly to wash away all the toxins in your system. I ain't doing this for 10 days first off. That just silly. Second I just need to lose enough to win because the weight is just going to come back on after you fill your stomach back up. I am okay with that because with some luck and planning all the new food I eat will be healthier than my normal diet.

Starting out at 187. Yeah its up but its been BBQ/Free open bar kind of weekend.

***First drink taken at 11:45. First "elimination" started at 11:52. May this is a bad idea.

****Okay day is almost over with and everything I was expecting hasn't happened. I wonder if I am clogged? Kind of tired but no more so than usual. And its blazing hot out. Still. At 9pm.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yes this is what you think it is. In the elevator.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catch up time

A lot has happened..been happening...lately. Time to get it out of my head and fill in the gaps. Where to begin?

184 lbs is the new count. YEAH MAN!!! Okay that is all I can celebrate because 165 is the real goal. The secret is running, muay thai, and circuit training. Oh and cutting back on my food intake seems to have a help too. I don't understand how not eating two Big Macs with fries and a Coke can cut down on my waist line. Can you?

As you can guess from my project, Stuff in My Girlfriends Elevator, I have moved in with my girlfriend. That's a big one. Huge one. We said we wouldn't do it until we were married but we also bought a place together. That is the best one change that we can't really enjoy until the building is actually finished in 3 months (give or take 2 years. Got to love new development buying in NY during a real estate downturn). Home buying is wonderful...ahhh. But honestly moving in has been the best. Lately I haven't been able to see as much of her as I wanted and even if we didn't get the place I still would've wanted to do this. I love this woman.

Last fall I visited China and Japan for the first time. And I will be going back. It was fantastic, and eye opening. I visited my girlfriend's family in mainland China for a week. Not sure but I think I was the first introduction to a black person for a few people. As a matter of fact I am sure I was. Then it was off to Japan for a friends wedding and travel around the country for a few days. Amazing is all I can say. The Japanese have seen black people before so it wasn't as much of a staring issue there. But there we hit major cities so that was a factor as well. This year I want to do Thailand but riots, and civil unrest is probably going to mess that up.

I have been keeping up with guitar but slacking a bit so I need a kick in the ass on it. Though I still love it soooo much I don't think I am progressing as much. You get out what you put in is the saying so that is definitely my fault. I have been trying to see new bands as much as I can so that is fun. Just wish I had someone to do it with. I am sure people think I am odd for being the one dude at the bar. Whatever I like the adventure. Latest band I am digging is "Hooray for Goodbye". Brooklyn based girl band. Found them on a random night at National Underground. Free show, good beer, nice sound but I want to hear more stuff by them.

Downside to all this is that I haven't done any art work in a long time. Hell, any work period. I have had a lot of things to inspire me but I am still stuck in a rut. Trying to get out, that was the main reason for starting this blog in the first place right? I really need a kick in the ass.