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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Maybe it's me

A few days after that last post I attempted to gain entry to a bar/lounge/restaurant, or whatever they want to call it, over in Chelsea. My thinking is that no one is going to give a hard time to a young thirsty man with cash. I should have known better when I saw the velvet rope. After watching five people of "advanced" years walk in (no waiting on line by the way) I figured I would be in in no time. I don't know when I began to doubt myself. It could be when the 5 girls BEHIND me walked to the front and showed some clevage or when the doorman in the suit looked at my sneakers. Something tells me if I called to my friend inside or if I was with serveral girls I would have found out if the party was good.
Anyway, I did this image a while ago in charcol. It was done quickly and with aggression. It would describe the mood now.
If you haven't noticed I also put some old drawings on the site.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Going Home

I thought about going straight home tonight. I didn't. I am not drunk but altogether I have to say that I am not disappointed with my decision. Come to thing of it's hard to concentrate. P's birthday was tonight and a few of my friends were meeting up to say "Congrats". I can't remember when I first met P but any excuse to have a drink right? (There is a Big P and a Little P and tonight was Little P's birthday. I suspect the difference has to do with their "size" but to be honest I am not sure.) Now after more drinks than I should have had on a Thursday night I am left with nothing but my thoughts and the urge to impress them on some unsuspecting reader (sorry that’s you). I have to say "Thank you" though because I have to admit to a case of writers block lately. Anyway.....has anyone seen this weeks Rosie article. Or the article of how "most" Americans think of "racial" issues but very few see themselves as apart of the problem. I am not saying that I am exempt but the article is just a lead in to what I want to talk about......
For the last few years, ever since I move to NYC proper, and after a night of drinking with friends I always tease that I will need some help hailing a cab (just in case I have not clarified I am of a different complexion than some). On the surface one can only argue that I say this to make my friends laugh but then watch as I repeatedly raise my hand in a (sometimes) futile attempt. But underneath I actually want someone to stay with me, as a distraction, so that I do not have to walk 3 blocks out of my way, into a heavily trafficked area, only to have wait 10 minutes for a cab. Or, in other cases, even to hail the cab while I wait to the side.
You might laugh at the thought of this. Hell, most times my friends do laugh because they can't believe in this age taxi's still do this. To them it is unbelievable. To me it is a reality. When I first met my girlfriend she doubted me. Most times over the past three years she has had to hail the cab while I stood to the side.
Then tonight in a "well to do" area of NYC, with me dressing as if I just came from work (dress shirt. dress pants, jacket), I, again, had several taxis pass me. Most of my friends would laugh. Hell I laughed at the situation. This way my friends still feel comfortable with me. But inside....I don't even know how to feel.
According to the following article only a few Americans see themselves as being racist. On a normal day they may see themselves as prudent business men, or just cautious. However there is such thing as an educated guess. I AM DRESS UP IN A DRESS SHIRT AND PANTS!!! Now that is not to say that I truly came from work but in certain areas it is a safe bet. The only way I got a cab tonight is (theoretically) because of an Asian couple. I was not anywhere near them when they hailed the cab for me but SEVERAL cabs passed me when it was just I. I got home at a decent time and gave the cabbie a tip more than what most would but I want him/them to remember that a person's image does not automatically equally a smaller tip or robbery.
I find myself tipping MORE than usual in certain situations because I am trying to portray a different" image. Am I wrong? Maybe. The fact is that no matter how many people I tip some are not going to change their mind. At all.

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Monday, December 04, 2006


I put this picture on the website along with a few others. Except for the drawing cartoon boy they are all from along time ago. The page itself has some errors on it but I will fix that soon.
A friend of mine said that she liked the humor of the image behind the seriousness of the situation. Every once in awhile that is kind of how I see life.


Tree hugger

So towards the end of last winter I purchased a snowboard. A 05/06 Ride Fleetwood. Size 158 I think. I can't remember who the artist is. Ashley Wood I think. This board is my first so of course I am proud. How does it feel on the mountain? Don't know because after I buy it we have a string of warm weather for every weekend afterward. Horrible right?
Now I know from year to year the season is always going to vary but the whole situation got me thinking more and more about global warming. Not to say that I never paid attention to it but I think I am like a lot of other people in this regard. It is in the back of our heads. When some one mentions the term we have an understanding but no real focus. I want to change that. My old room mate and this whole website project I am going to use as my inspiration for this change.
Last week I ended up getting "An Inconvenient Truth". It didn't speak about anything that people have not already heard but it did put the whole idea in front of you at one time. Now I recycle and try to conserve waste but nothing more than that. After looking into things I now realize more and more of the everyday things I do that contribute to wasted energy. And how much of waste is generated.
Check out the "What can you do" section of their website when you get a chance, www.climatecrisis.net. It is worth the look.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Post Turkey Day

Thanksgiving put a hurt on me. All of the food and dessert. Mmmmm... good. Hope yours was good also.

I have slacked on the site for a bit. I have been trying to make the art page perfect but I am stuck on some of the coding. For right now I have this. It will change soon but at least I have something out there.

This is some work that I did back in high school. Hopefully I will have some new work up soon.