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Thursday, January 25, 2007


i'm treading water with 30lb weights strapped to the spare tire that i use to call a waist
what a waste, a shame
i had dreams of growing up, growing old, getting bold, living life with high class wine spilling out of my mouth
i have dreams of more time to my day and yet i don't get my fat ass off the couch
oh lord, look at me now
"Wow" is what i say when i seen those scenes i saw on last nights Globe Trekker
"I wish" is what i mean because someone else's life is so much better
"Been there" is what i should think because i know i like the little pleasures
"I screwed up" is what i did cause i never planned for sunny days, let alone bad and rainy weather
so i'm lay here watching the idiot box as more of my self's severed soul is swallowed and slowly shredded


Friday, January 19, 2007

Ask and you shall receive

Guess what? Apparently last night it snowed. I thought the radio was lying but when I looked out the window I saw a light dusting on the roofs and trees. Amazing. I spoke too soon with the last post. Tonight while eating dinner I watched as snow fell on Jersey City and smiled when I tried to remember where I put that blue snow suit with the red stripe (If you think that is bad you should see me in my "footie" pajamas. I know you remember those).
Hopefully the seasons will get back to "normal" in the next 5 years. I read that people looking to pressure the government into carbon emission reduction might win a potential victory soon. Check this out...here. Companies and environmental groups have banded together to propose talks with the Bush administration over American policies toward global warming. Now I can't tell you what exactly the Kyoto Protocols call for, or how exactly carbon trading works but I can say that steps toward a better tomorrow is a good step.
Oh and I think I forgot to mention but I used my snowboard finally. I handles so well and the best part....NO WAITING FOR RENTALS. Just unpack the car and jump on the mountain. It was sweet. Now we, the girlfriend and I, have a trip planned for Tahoe soon. I am so stoked.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Something's Missing

When I was a kid I remember my ugly one piece blue winter suit. It had the little detachable hood, hooks for my mittens, the zipper that ran from stem to throat next to the red stripe. I remember trying to help my dad shovel the drive way all the while not doing that much work as play. Playing during winter time remember that?
Last week I debated about putting on shorts. I thought about skating in the park. My girlfriend even questioned wearing sandals. During the week it was the opposite. I had a scarf and gloves on. I seriously thought about wearing thermal underwear.
People on the street call it Global Warming. Weather people on TV say its El Nino and a unusal jet stream pattern. I just say its fucking weird. Honestly in the 27 years I have alive I cannot remember a winter when it was not there, at least once. Sure it may have melted quickly or maybe there wasn't as much as possible but it came.
The other day I am pretty sure I caught a glimpse of it. A few lonely little flakes that melted before it even touched the ground.
I over heard some people saying they were happy. They didn't have to clean off their cars, and they could wear shorts. In a few months you'll see them questioning why its SO hot and complain about the drought. Afterall, if it is this hot in winter wait until summer. That is when the real fun will begin. Save your water.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Holidays

New Year's Resolution for 2007:
  • Get into shape by losing 30 lbs
  • Buy a home
  • Make larger drawings/art
Is it just me or did anyone else feel that this year was not as momentous as previous years? Is it that I am getting older? My New Years consisted of watching reruns of "Rome" on HBO demand, then watching girls, kind of, dance on with a poll, dance, kind of, with my girlfriend to music that was too loud, and watch my friends with envy at their drunken state over at the Sugar Factory in Brooklyn. Looking back on the evening aside from finding a "San Loco" in Williamsburg I have to say that I could have been just as happy staying to watch Pullo satisfy himself of wine, women and fighting (by the way, seriously, a great tv show). Although the band that was playing when I left was good. Cold Hands Collective is the name check'em out. Live music hip hop vibe.
Midnight came and went with out much fan fare from me. Normally I would be trying to drink and live it up while anticipating bombs to explode. This is not because of September 11 or anything I just always expect the New Year to be greeted by some spectacular event. Come to think of it each year never has been so why should this year be any different.
Oh well, how was everyone's holiday? Did the fat stingy toy having elf bring you anything nice? or were you visited by the Krumpus this year? Me I think I got a nice haul. Some clothes and such but the two best things were a kitchen cooking set and a battery operated toothbrush. No lie. It is like a dentist clean morning and night. It was like Chasey Lain came over or something. I had to do it twice the first time. I highly recommended. Okay I think I will stop there.
Make it a great new year folks.