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Monday, December 10, 2007

Rain, Rain

So the last few days of the cruise were just like the others. Rain, and more rain. We actually went to an island that gets the most rain and received the least amount while there. Everyone who works aboard the ship kept commenting on how weird it was to have so many storms. I keep on thinking that we just run into the same storm over and over. Apparently the waves were so bad that it knocked out the power. No one really noticed because it was at 2 in the morning though. I don't mind. I haven't been rocked to sleep in 26 years. And I hear in Jersey/New York its freezing. Doesn't seem so bad now.

The last days were spent lounging around and laughing it up with mom. The cruise did not feel that long though. Maybe I am just jaded by my previous trips. The first day on land was good. Nothing but sun. After taking a stroll down Waikiki beach I can see why locals hate this area. Its kind of like 5th ave shopping or SOHO with some of Time Square mixed in. Malls, fast food joints, homeless. Its like I never left home.

I did stop to watch the surfers too. Also as luck would have it The Triple Crown tourney is happening now up on the North Shore. I have already started scouting maps to find the quickest way there. We will probably rent a car. While I am here I am going to find a spot that I like and rent a board. The sea doesn't look as rough as the other islands so thats a plus.
We spent most of yesterday lounging in the pool. I tried to lay out in the sun and drink away the vision of some old man changing into his dry clothes (It was just wrong). Mom and I tried to decipher why there are so many ABC stores around. You can literally stop on one corner and count the number of stores you see. One corner had 5. The amount in one are is like Starbucks on crack (by the way I have seen a few of those close to each other here too). In the south the ABC stores are government run and are set up in the "poorer" areas. If you have not seen them they are like 7-11's. They sell snacks, drinks, liquor, clothes, cigars, film, trinkets. The difference here is that the liquor sold is meant for the tourists (and those homeless people on the beach). I am convinced that they are government run. There is no way that zoning would allow this many in one area if it wasn't.

This is the first chance that I have gotten to load photos too.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 2-3: Hilo and Maui

Yesterday Mom and I went to see the extinct volcanoes. Interesting but if you have been to desert than you’ve seen the volcano. Again it was nice but flying overhead in a helicopter would have been better. Especially if you think you are going to see lava. I want to see lava. I think its part of that stereotype thing. Its the Hawaiian islands. They were formed by lava. I should expect to see some right? Oh well at $200 a ticket I can just buy a postcard. I am starting to remember an earthquake a few months ago. Apparently the flow shifted and now they let no one walk out to see it.

Last night was some of the roughest seas I think I have ever been on without a storm. I am pretty sure that a storm was somewhere near but at night the sea looks the same as the horizon. Blackish grey. The only reason I knew it was cloudy is because I could see any stars. It was ridiculously bumpy at the front of the ship. Oh yeah I haven't mentioned it but my mom went all out for this room. I guess she wanted to travel in style and got a bit of a deal out of it. I have to sleep on a roll out cot but hey who is complaining. I am in Hawaii. Anyway the room is in the front of the ship, Pride of America. We have a huge deck with its own hot tub. Her room is larger than my bedroom at home, living area, and it comes with a dining area and coffee maker. The crapper is even separated from the shower and the bathtub. Thats classy.

Today was the day that I have been looking forward to ever since we decided to plan this trip. A few months of looking forward to getting my butt handed to me by the ocean. Today was the day that I surf in Maui. Lahaina, which is on the shores of West Maui to be exact. 30 to 45 minute drive away from the port but just as fun and strenuous as my experience in Coco Beach. I know I will be sore tomorrow and the day after but it was well worth it. I even bought the pictures for it just to prove it to everyone that I did stand up at least once. In the few hours I was there I must have actually gotten on the board three times. Maybe? And if I weren’t so out of shape I would still be there. This will be true incentive for losing weight. I loved it though. I am definitely saving up for a board. The tricky part will be convincing my girlfriend to do it with me.

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Days 1: Hawaii Mall Search

So on the way in last night I broke my moms luggage. Subconsciously I think because I always wanted to get her a bright pink large case. No joke but she said that it might be a good idea seeing that all luggage bags look alike. No one wants the ugly bag. I wonder why?

The beginning of my first full day and I am already up and navigating my way to the mall. No directions for me because I am a real man. (Dumbass.)
In my 30 minute walk have already found 2 7-11’s, a subway, several restaurants that I want to try when I get back, a liquor store and 3 strip clubs. I really could have stayed in NYC for this. Plus what is it about a black man in a store that makes people (usually Caucasian but on some occasions it varies) think that I work in the mall. Seriously I was approached by people FROM the island and the mainland about where certain store were. And just to give you an idea of how out of place I am there was once a statistic I read that black people make up less than 30% of ALL of the islands population. It was like I was in asia or china town only everyone thought I worked there. Felt like a giant too. This must be what it feels like to visit Japan.

On the way back (after getting lost but realistically finding a quicker way back to the hotel. Directions are important apparently) I found another liquor store, McDonalds, another Subway, and another Starbucks (I really got to look into these franchises. Left NWK which had the Mickey D’s and the Startbucks and both of them were filled with people trying to get their fix. I tell you watching people ready to get on a plane trying to get their peppermint mocha what the hell just to get off and running for a cold frappa-crap. I should not lie. It is tasty in that “oh my god I need a cup of sugar with my milk” sort of way.) BUT I still have not seen any of those grass coconut covered natives with my lai. Damn I gotta stop that.

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Day 0: Jersey to Honolulu

3 and ½ days into my Hawaiian trip and I have yet to get lai’d. Bad joke I know. But for years I have seen movies and TV shows showing beautiful Hawaii where when getting off of the plane you are greeted with half naked natives throwing lais around your neck. WOW!! Now that I have said that aloud that is racist (and sexist) as hell.

So everything started out alright (me and moms this time). I forgot my jacket but who needs it. I am going to the Pacific. Home of the endless summer, bikini, tropical fruit and colorful flowers. I thought about giving in to a sweet cup from Starbucks but the first stop is….the bathroom.
That and you should see the line for a $3 cup of coffee.

We should have went before we left her house but its funny when you remember what you should have done on your way to the airport. Like bring a jacket. Damn its cold on an airplane.

Are you aware that it is almost 11 hours to get from Jersey to O’ahu? Longer when they over book a plane and have to ask people to get off. Why in the sam hill do flights get over booked? (Quick math….what happens, Z, when you have a plane that can fly Y distance, without refueling, with X amount of weight and W amount of gas? Now remember W decreases faster when X increases which will also shorten Y. I did the math and nothing good happens.) You should have to get a psych evaluation before you have to get on a plane for an extended length of time. Thank God for a 250 gig laptop with a handful of BVD’s (bootleg video discs). Uh, wait. I mean someone elses bootlegs and there willingness to share. Because I am a law abiding citizen….

Well we get to the island where the endless summer is supposed to be ideal. It’s 2 in the morning according to my watch but only 7 on the wall. It is raining and it’s night time. I can’t see a thing outside. So apparently I have gone back to the future (or the past) and wound up in a no baggage limbo…with a Starbucks. Welcome to Hawaii.

Note: As I am writing this on a ship with no/low connection speed I will have to upload the photos later.

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