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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So what did you get for Secret Santa?

Ah, my friends know how to keep me entertained. But when the packages read "Grows up to 6 times its original size" you have to remember two things .... 1) When using a products results may vary...and 2) Guys just like other things it is not as big as you may imagine.

Now the first day I tried this I have no idea why I placed her in my bathroom sink. Maybe if I stopped taking her out of water she might have grown to be 8 inches tall instead of 6. Either way it still falls short of "6 times its original size".

After two days I think she has grown........ By the way I also got a t-shirt that plays music, and sound clips. I can load music too. Has a speaker on the front and everything. I am thinking of adding the theme from Shaft. Which one do you think the girlfriend is more annoyed at?

By day 4 I can definitely tell she is...ahem...developing. Who thinks of this stuff? People who know guys like me giggle at this stuff.

Ooooo.... Day 5 I notice someone has gotten taller.

By day 6 I its just like a real relationship. I want to put her on display and let everyone look at her. Sigh...maybe my friend who got "the anatomical organ" that grows in water is a bit more excited by now. Eww...Merry Christmas from those who try to make your life never boring, aka dear friends and drunkards. Thanks guys.

PS...My girlfriend says I now have to get permission to hang out with y'all.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Ah, there is something about Christmas day. Waking up early, anticipation of seeing if Santa brought you what you asked for, seeing the faces of loved ones open gifts you've gotten them, family. What a day! Hope all my friends got what they wanted to.

I am so happy. Not only did I surprise my mom with her gift but I have been excited about mine (since I picked it out). Since I visit my mom's house regularly and usually for a whole day, if not overnight, I convinced her to pay part of a new guitar for me. This one is to be kept at her place. Ahhh... sweet.

2009 Mexican Made Midnight Wine Fender Telecaster. Ahhh. My girlfriend's going to be upset but it is all I wanted. Well that and some new clothes for my fat ass. (That's going to be a New Year's resolution by the way.)

Its been about 5, going on 6, months now since I started learning how to play. I sound really crappy but that is okay because I started out really shitty. A couple of chords, some strum patterns, 1st position in two scales, some Blues rhythm patterns. So that means I have improved right? Hey it may not be a recital but its only been 6 lessons so far. I have given up on trying to learn from a book and now have a teacher. Best decision so far. Its definitely much easier having someone show you the ropes. Now I am hopelessly addicted. When I am at home I try to get some practice in. When I am away I think about what it is I need to practice and try to picture it in my head.

I really should have learned a long time ago but as long as I am doing it now right? Helping to change my outlook/direction/goals in life. That was the point in starting this blog right?

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its Tuesday morning. Cold.

Random thought going through my mind lately: Does anyone else find it odd that oil/gas was over $100 this summer and now is less than $50 this DECEMBER? And don't give me that the economy has collapsed because most of the people on 24 financial news channels are giving that reason too. The problem with that idea is that although the price rose with the economy over the years (5 to 7 is my guess), gas shot through the roof in under two years time. It jumped 100%. From $50 to $100. Sure there are factors that does lead to price increases. Some of those probably economic but does that really justify a rise that quickly. So my main question is why did it happen?

My theories: Peak oil? Not yet. Booming economy? Wasn't that boomed? Hmmm..... I think the answer is more a combination of speculators in the "market" who were allowed to trade this precious commodity due to deregulation? AND Producers that saw what was happening and choose to do things like oh lets say - release news that they were not increasing production thereby insuring the market increased price on a perceived "reduced" supply?

Also keep in mind that those same producers are now publicly saying they don't like the price drop and are saying they will cut back on production in an effort to KEEP the price high. So they are determined to keep the price high. So OK, if the price is truly tied to the economy and we recover...that means getting used to $100 gas prices again. And some people don't think oil dependence (where ever it is sourced) is a problem for this, or any, country. That and the whole Global Warming thing.

OK enough of that. Time for work.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Republica Dominicana

Ah the Dominican Republic. This is place is what I picture when I think of the Carribbean. Green, a little rain every day, the ocean, bugs, brown outs, and you can't drink the water. Ahhh.
Traveling with my mom this time. When I was a kid my family would take a vacation just about every year. They always wanted me to see another side of life than just Jersey. Glad they did that because I have gotten used to this.
The place we are staying at is called Coconut Palms. Its not an all inclusive resort but its not bad. I am still trying to figure out though what the sign above the toilet means..."Please don't put paper in the toilet". Let me point out that there are only towels and toilet paper in the bathroom. Do they mean toilet paper as "paper" or do they mean napkins, of which there are none? Since this place has a kitchen in the room I assume they mean napkins but just in case I have been wrapping presents in a plastic bag and leaving them in the garbage. Hey if they want to be mysterious then I will be mysterious too.
There is no glass in the windows so all the pleasant sounds of nature can be heard all day and night. From the bar outside the room that plays reggaeton and techno hits, drunk guests, to the roosters and dogs. Oh and pet a dog by the beach here and you made a friend for life. Don't get too attached to whatever your watching because sooner than later a brown out will cut off the power. (And my girlfriend laughed at me when I want to pack a flashlight.)
Foods pretty good. There are signs saying more restaurants are in town but no need to check them out.
Speaking of town there are two. The resort is located in between Sosua and Caberete. The hotel recommends Caberete as more "family" oriented. But for the young men you can go to Sosua for the hookers. Doesn't shock me but the hotel manager says there is a bit of sex tourism here. Caberete has the casino though. Its amazing that either in AC or DR I still can't win on the slot machines. Ok daylights burning.

Pics later because the router here is not the greatest.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A few weeks ago it was Mexico. This week it’s the Dominican Republic. Ah…Life is Hard. Honestly, I really need to come with a way to afford this all the time. Probably would be better if I learned the Spanish language. You’d think 8+ years of language classes would have prepared me better.
Mexico was fun. It was vacation/friend’s wedding. Frankly it wasn’t long enough. Maybe it was it felt like Vegas a little. But sadly Cancun has essentially become the new Florida (or California). Palm trees, McDonalds, Domino’s, and American corporate bars. I swear I saw a Friday’s. Hotels on one side and strip malls with fast food joints on the other. Is that what will happen to all the vacation spots around the world? Mansions, yachts, fast food, and people selling timeshares. Oh and the fun part of salesmen trying to get my attention by calling me Barack Obama. Great, equality at last.

The wedding was fun though. She had been planning it forever I hope she had fun. It was a beautiful place, Dreams Cancun, overlooking the water. We checked out Chichen Itza and swam in one of the cenotes. Picture a 70 foot hole with water in it (and fish that have evolved in without any outside help) that you can swim in. Next time I am going to use the life preserver. I am not as fit as I used to be.
They had the swim with the dolphins at the hotel but I didn’t do it. Felt bad for them. Food was alright. Mostly American fare but the guacomole was good. By the way if you go to Mexico remember to distinguish between guac and pico de gallo. There is a difference. Eat to much and it burns in and out, if you know what I mean. I am getting old because we were in bed by 10 every night. Is this what happens as you approach 30?

btw: because I am away I will add pictures later. sorry : (