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Monday, October 30, 2006

Ready to vote?

The midterm elections are coming up and with all of the talk about who endorsed what and who slept with whom I guess I should comment on it somewhat. Just to give you some background I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I can see ideas on both sides that do merit some exploration. Since I live in New York City I am all for security, however not at the expense of my privacy or liberties. I am conservative in some things but liberal in others. So once the website is up and running some of the projects/art will be a commentary/vision based upon my views of the world at that time. Not just political but also social as well.

With that said, in the last month or so I have been bombarded by ads, slogans, and pamphlets that say vote this way or that way. That the other person did this or did that, was for or against Iraq, slept with boys, slept with dogs or tried to have her husband bugged. After all of this they then ask me for my vote because they are representing themselves as the better choice. Which implies that they are the better person, however, by campaigning in this fashion only fails at supporting their argument. I can honestly not tell you any candidate’s views on the environment, big business, little business, education, health or what their plans are for making things better for the voters as a whole. I am sure that some place some where provides their talking points but it is THEIR talking points. They have to portray themselves in this fashion or no one will look at them (unless they sling mud). They have to lie to me if they want to get my vote.

If lying to me is the basis for getting into power than its no surprise when problems occur down the line. I want to vote for someone not because they are part of one party or another but because they are the best choice. Lately I feel we don't have too many of those. Most of my life I only see candidates that want to be chosen because they want the spotlight. A lot of them don't have any real issues because focus groups tell their campaign managers what they should talk on. I don't see any real leaders that are a clear cut above the rest. Maybe I am just being idealist but wouldn't it be nice to actually look up to someone who is in charge and not think "At least they are not having sex with the help, or steal from the county treasury, or abuse power." Sad thing is you probably think they are but smile and clap because at least they are not blatant about it.

Update: I wrote this originally walking out the door. Sorry for the grammar mistakes. Stream of thought and all that.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006


October is almost over. That means my birthday has been over for a little while now. I have to say that this year my girlfriend really made me happy. I owe her a huge christmas gift. This years celebration was good. Good is not the most accurate word. Tasty or delicious is better. I have been wanting to go to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem for a few months but never had enough time. For my birthday my girlfriend surprised me for a birthday dinner. What a surprise! Did I mention I owe her a huge christmas gift. The food was the best BBQ that I have had in the city so far. You have to give it a try.

I am going to skip over the juicy bits because I can't accurately describe at this point how the food tasted. Succulent, sweet, tasty, is what comes to mind. (Corn bread was much to be desired though.) However I will say this, tears came to my eyes. Not full on crying tears mind you but wet with joy. It had good old school music playing. All of the tables looked like picnic tables. They served good beer not just the cheap stuff. The crowd was lively and/or drunk. And then the food. I was tempted by the "Big Ass Pork" dish but it had to try the combination plate.
Now I have told a lot of people this story for the last couple of weeks and I have started to realize what I enjoyed most about this place. It reminded me of the times my family used to go to the old school picnics before my dad past away. There we had good food, laughs, good music. In general a all around good time. I forgot how much I missed that This place left me with a good feeling.

Another year has gone by. Nowadays I don't often get a chance to just enjoy good times as often as I did. What is it about growing up that makes us forget about just enjoying/making the good times. I spend my weekends just trying to catch up with life and of course it never happens that way. I usually spend it sleeping in, putting away mail, doing laundry, lying in front of the TV, or even having a few drinks because the day ended with a Y. Now these things are good for unwinding but what the hell am I doing with the rest of my time that leaves me only able to do chores on the weekend. Sad part is that I really could not tell you.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dreaming Reality

As the sol rises I awake to the sight of urban decay
So, again, I close my eyes to try and make a better day
The sights I see are better than what I seen but not close to what I sought
Now I think ideas of what I thunk but could not the best of what I thought
Hopeful for more, yet imagine what I saw
The kids outside play and laugh as the sol lazily pasts its zenith
It occurs to me that their act gives life to it's dictionary meaning
For the adults, wax only drips from one side of the burning candle
They are pleased with themselves and never take more than they should handle
No stress No tension At work and leisure
They all find comfort in life's simple pleasures
Not cause they are simple but they really know no better
As the sol slowly fades and gives way to the evening
I open my eyes and wept because I realize I was dreaming
Before I can look on the odd visions and figure what they meant
Reality sets in
Dreams are gone

And I can't remember what I dreamt


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Slow Progress

Okay, lets talk about the website first: One week has pasted by and the only updates for the site are that I changed the "Home page" text and changed the image. (The logo changed up top but that was a mistake that I have been meaning to correct.) At least I updated something. I have been trying to make new pages and learn CSS at the same time but I am not getting very far. So for going forward I am going to concentrate on making one page at a time and at the very least getting one photo/drawing online. This space looks boring so maybe I will put it on this page. Hmm?

The delay was not entirely unprepared for. Another few Octobers and it will be thirty revolutions have been completed around the star. Thirty. It is hard to believe. I see kids who are just being kids and I think "How can I get to be that free again?". The answer usually is "Win the lotto" but I don't play. Well, I don't play that often. "Dollar and a dream right". Anyway, for my birthday I treated myself to a skateboard. Save me! I am going through a mid-life crisis well before mid-life. I think the reason that I bought it has more to do with the fact that it reminded me of my childhood than anything else. I rode it the first day and I felt elated. Like I did not have a care in the world. But I knew/know I am not a kid anymore because my body easily got tired and sweaty. And then I almost flew into on coming traffic. (I can't remember how to slow down or stop.) Then later I fell off while trying to ride over a manhole cover. Carved up my hands with small pieces of glass real nice too. The strange thing was I smiled.

As I lay on the ground the only thought that went through my head was "That was great!". I knew I fell. The concrete and the people laughing on the sidewalk confirmed it. So, what? This was not unexpected. I knew it would happen eventually. Maybe not so soon, but I rode the damn thing anyway. The reason I was satisfied was because I knew something "bad" would happen (or that it would be hard) and I am going to get up and do it again and again. I forgot what that felt like. It is a great feeling.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Shuffled with the Lost

The other day someone asked me, “What are you trying to do with a website? “Why put in the time and energy?” My answer, “Because everyone else is doing it”. Half joking but the real answers are:

  • Motivation from laziness
  • I miss creating things
  • Learn new things
  • Rememberance
  • Guidance
  • Tired of just talking about doing something
  • Jealous of watching my friends accomplish things

And a whole host of other reasons for why anyone does anything. However, mostly I want to do the site because I am jealous of my friends. Sounds strange, but that is my main reason.

I am not bitter or anything. (Bastards!!) I am proud of the degenerates because they are mostly doing things that they really want to do. And if they are not doing it then they are happy at their level or working toward their goal. They have/had an idea in mind and that is what they are working/worked toward. Me? I was content with watching the idiot box for a long time until one day I realized that looking backward or forward I can’t really see anything beyond the next fall schedule. It is kind of like that deer in the headlights thing. Something is wrong but what can you do. You just realize you are being shuffled with the lost. You are just another person being packed into the train, or the highway, in the morning hoping to clean out your desks in bin by the end of the day while praying that that cute girl with the adam’s apple really just has a roll of quarters in her pocket.

Last year in a moment of inebriated clarity someone mentioned creating a blog. (I laughed because blog is a funny word. C’mon say it.) But why not? That is, basically, how AnotherWhen was born. That and the idea that life would be so much better if you won the lottery. A few drinks and a few drunks will come up with solutions to just about anything.

The idea was interesting. Create a place to express myself and perhaps maybe get a better sense of direction as to what is in the future. But allow room for more than just words. I would want to show more that just a log. I wanted to show not only thoughts, but random ideas, projects and also promote things that my friends are working on.

So the blog became a site and the site became an obsession. I had to make it perfect. Seriously, I would ride the train and take notes about new layouts or formats. Mind you I barley know how to the internet works. I designed, built, scrapped and redesigned until finally I realized I just need to get something out there. Nothing is perfect. You just need to have an idea and a starting point. That will would force you to create something for right now and then make changes as it develops. For me, I will be making updates as I complete sections so sorry for the “Coming soon” crap. If it still says “Coming soon” while you are reading this than please feel free to search for whatever it was you were looking for when you accidentally found this. Here let me help. You might like this great porn site I found here or shop online here. Just come back when you are done.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Testicles 1 2 3.......um, that's not right. Is it?

One year thinking if I want to create a website and blog. A few months researching what I will need to start it. More than a few weeks drawing are redrawing the layout. Deadlines set and exceeded. Now I have just spent the last few hours trying to create this "blog" thing. It better be working because it is 1 in the morning and I still have to go to work tomorrow.